We are Sara and Lorenzo with our kids Matilde, Giacomo and Emma. We bought this house in 2014 and we have renovated it maintaining the original features. Then the idea came about create a place for hospitality. The old barn was converted in two cozy rooms and the ground floor old kitchen was transformed in a breakfast room. Special attention is reserved for environmental sustainability: the house is heated by a biomass boiler, warm water is obtained from photovoltaic panels and also electricity is supplied by photovoltaic panels; in this way we are able to contain energy consumption. We recycle, we have reduced the disposable products, we use ecological cleaning detergents and offer local products for the breakfast.
We live with a donkey, two dogs and two cats.

On the ground floor there is a visual-tactile information panels for visually-impaired and blind people.
Here you can enjoy a pleasant break in nature, discover our territory by hike or bike and eat typical product.

Our structure is located 46 kilometers from Turin and 30 kilometers from Torino-Caselle airport. 4 kilometers from here is the little town of Cuorgnè with different commercial activities and the Archeological Museum of Alto Canavese; 8 kilometers away is the little town of Castellamonte known for the manufacture of ceramics and ceramic stoves like the eighteenth-century stove models of the Savoy House.
Valle Sacra is a small alpine valley of Canavese and its name comes from many old churches and chapels. The valley is surrounded by mountains with a stunning view of the plain and there are many trails that offer the opportunity to discover beautiful and few crowded places.